#nevermissamonday - May 11

Monday, May 11, 2015

In case you're wondering, it's true.  I didn't blog last week's #nevermissamonday.  I just didn't feel like blogging.  That's ok...right?

Today, however...I'm baaaack!

Believe it or not, I sometimes struggle with what to photograph.  I try to take photos of the natural beauty that surrounds me...flowers, foliage, clouds, rain puddles (which have been in short supply this year), the various paths I run on...whatever catches my eye.  But after doing this for a while now and running in the same general area, it can be challenging to find something new to capture.  

Anyway, all of this blah, blah, blah leads me to the photo you see today.  Rather thank focus on the run, I chose to focus on the after-run....that feeling of relief you get when you know you have completed your run for the day.  Some might even call it euphoria.  In any case, I always like that "done" feeling.  Another success under my belt.  Even if the run wasn't my best...even if I had to walk more than usual...even if I didn't go as far or as fast as I wanted...it's still a success.  Something to be proud of.  Something to feel good about.  The after-run.  Enjoy it.  Embrace it.

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