#nevermissamonday - April 6

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello again!  It's time for another edition of #nevermissamonday.  

With this new journey in blogging, I started searching the internet for images and quotes about running. I find them inspiring and often beautiful.  Interesting side effect...the more that I read and see, the more convicted I feel about running.

What I do with my photos that I take on Mondays is similar...  
Photo + Words = Inspiration
 At least that's what they are for me.  They help keep me going.  

Recently, my oldest son started running.  I'm not sure of his motivation but I am guessing its twofold---to get his parents off his back about getting exercise and to improve his own physical fitness.  The reasons don't really matter.  I'm just excited that he's doing it!  

Today after school he came to me feeling discouraged about his progress with running.  I could hear the little voice in him wanting to give up but also the true desire to improve and NOT to give up.  After all, he did come to me wanting to talk about it.  I acknowledged his feelings of how difficult it is and how small the improvements can seem.  And how you can have less discomfort and breathe easier and go farther one day and then have everything feel like crap the next time you go out.  I shared my experiences and how no run is ever truly easy.  It's always hard work.  Yes, some days I can actually say "it felt good" but those are few and far between.  And even on those good days, it never means that it was easy.  That I felt like a bird with wings...or light as a feather on my feet.  Running is hard for most people.  But you can enjoy things in your life that are challenging.

I encouraged him to not give up, to not compare himself to others.  To just be himself and appreciate what HE can do.  And to push himself a little on those days when it doesn't feel so bad.  And to not look at those bad days as a step backwards.  Because, after all, any run is better than no run.  

I pulled up some of the quotes that I had pinned on my Pinterest board and read a few to him.  I think he felt encouraged.  I sure hope so.  He should be proud of what he is doing and what he has accomplished so far.  I am most definitely proud of him...always.

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