#nevermissamonday - April 27

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hey there. Guess what?

Another Monday...DONE!!  It's always such a good feeling to be on the other side of a run.

But I will admit, today wasn't easy.  Maybe it was the warmer temperature coupled with the humidity from the rain the night before.  My feet got hot which makes me very uncomfortable.  I swear, my feet are like barometers!  It wasn't even that hot out...maybe about 65.  But those first few runs in warmer weather always seem to get me.  Like my body has to get all acclimated again.  

Also, my legs were aching.  Particularly my shins.  I'm pretty sure that was from the speed walk I did yesterday with a friend.  I always find it interesting that my legs often hurt the next day after those walks.  Yet I can run and not be sore at all...using muscles different ways, I guess.

I actually had thoughts of stopping...calling my husband to come get me.  But then I thought, why?  I can always walk.  It will just talk longer.  Funny thing is, I got a phone call from a co-worker at about the 4 mile point.  That was just enough distraction to break my thought pattern.  And I finished the run.  The pain was a little less.  The heat in my feet a bit more tolerable.  Thank goodness for distractions.

 DONE.Until the next run!

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csewy-csescrap13 said...

Way to keep going! I haven't ran in years but remember some of the same feeling....I take a couple of classes at the YMCA with the girls and walk the other days.