#nevermissamonday - April 13

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Apparently Monday is not only a day to not miss (#nevermissamonday), but also a day to run long.  I'm not sure how that happened...it just did.

Maybe this is something to touch on...distance.  What is considered a long run?  I think most of us would agree that it varies from one runner to the next.  For me, a long run is anything over 6 miles.  My average run is about 4-5.5 miles and I would say a short run is anything less than that.  When I spell it all out, it seems kind of ridiculous that there is only a 2 mile difference between a short run and long run.  But that's how I define it...for me.  

The farthest I have ever run is 9.3 miles.  I did this twice for the Shamrock Run (15k) and once on my own.  Now THAT is really long---for me.  To someone else that might be their short run.  A drop in the bucket.  For another person, running two miles might be a long run.  My point?  Each of us is different.  We each have our own limits and abilities.  And yes, sometimes we have to push ourselves to realize our full potential.  And THAT can be very hard.  

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I thought I woud ever be able to run more than three miles without stopping----I would surely have resounded with a very quick "no".  At that time, I couldn't run two miles without stopping to walk some of it.  Yet here I am.  And I certainly could not have predicted it.

What's your long run?

running path in nyc
Photo source: Runstreet

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