#nevermissamonday - March 30

Monday, March 30, 2015

Here we go! My second post of  #nevermissamonday.
This photo was actually taken through my craft room window.  I was playing with my chalk marker and decided to take a quick photo of my limited art skills.  Seriously, my drawing...this is about as good as it gets!

I'm going to admit it....today was hard.  Usually "never miss a Monday" is a pretty big motivator for me.  Not today.  I just wasn't feeling it.  Not terribly excited to get out...even with the knowledge that this was probably the best weather day of the week (the rain returns tomorrow).  Some days you got it and some days you just don't.  That's ok.

My first half mile was nearly a full minute slower than usual.  I did make up some time on the downhills though.  All in all, the pace wasn't too bad in spite of the slow start and stopping to walk a couple of times for a short bit.  Yes, sometimes I let myself walk....but only until I feel recovered enough to resume the run.  Sometimes it's getting up a hill, sometimes just a block, or even half a block.  Whatever it takes to get me through.

Alex di Suvero for The New York Times
source: NYTimes, Well Blog

No matter how "not good" a particular run feels, I am always glad that I got it done.  I pushed myself.  I perservered.  I triumphed.  Yeah...I triumphed!

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