It's raining cards!

Monday, June 17, 2013

I have been making a lot of cards lately!  This always seems to be the time of year when, in addition to the usual suspects like Mother's Day and Father's Day, there are also birthdays and anniversaries.  For years now, when I make my own mom a Mother's Day card, I also make Jim's mom one.  Same goes for Father's Day and our parents' anniversaries (which are a day apart and always fall right on or near Father's Day!).

I'm going to share a few cards today.  These are from last month, so first up is Mother's Day.

This one was for my mom:

Jim's mom received a card in the same design but with different papers:

Sometimes I make them completely identical, sometimes I don't.  Usually depends on how much I like the papers and if I have something else I still want to use them on!  
Funny thing...I made the top card first with my mom in mind.  But when I was finished with the second, I liked them equally well and was then re-evaluating who should get which card.  My solution?  I went to the boys and asked them separately which they thought their Oma should receive.  They both chose the top card!

Next I have another couple of cards in the same design but also made with different papers.  

This first is a Get Well card for a dear friend who recently had a lot of health issues and subsequent surgery.  She is recovering nicely!

This card is for my dear friend Laura. So lucky to be able to have brunch with her and some other friends just a day before her birthday!  Otherwise, it would not have gone very nicely into an envelope to be mailed!

That's it for today.  Later this week I will share some more cards so be sure to come back!

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Mendi said...

Beautiful cards! It's fun to see different versions using the same basic designs. :)