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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Now before you get your tail feathers all in a, we did not jump ship.  We are still proud Beaver fans here...not Ducks.  The Ducks I am referring to are in Boston and have nothing to do with Oregon or even state colleges.  They are the WWII amphibious vehicles knows as ducks that are now used as tour vehicles throughout downtown Boston.

This layout was created for the ISSUE Challenge over at Club CK this week.  Yes, I have the privilege of hosting again!  This one is right up my alley---based on an article called Be A Craft-Lete.   It explains several different scrapbooking exercises (or techniques) and gives examples of each.  My challenge is for each participant to choose two exercises and use them both on a new layout.  One can be familiar, but one should be new (or rarely used).

The exercises I chose were:
Jumping Rope (repetition)---in the triangles
Push-Ups (stamp-kissing)---in the title word "duck"
Weight-Lifting (raised elements)---dimensional adhesive behind "duck" and the sticker elements

**Basic Grey Wander collection**

The design for this layout is based on Ashley's Sketch It Out for January, also at Club CK.  She always adds a twist along with the sketch.  This month the twist is outlining.  I took the small arrow sticker next to GO and used it as a stencil on the background before finally adhering it in its permanent location.

That's it!  If you are inspired by this layout, I hope you will come over to Club CK and participate in the challenges with us.  You can use the links above.  Hope to see you there!

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csewy-csescrap13 said...

A very creative challenge...might get me to try something different on my layouts! I really like the looks of the kraft pp, the stitched triangles, and neat title! Great job!