Away We Go!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The second installment of my layouts inspired by Scrapbook Generation is also pretty much a direct copy, inserting my photos.  I swapped the position of the 4x4 with the 4x6 on the lower right page for directionality.  It's always good to have your subjects looking inward rather than off your page so that's why I did this.  I also had to change the patterned papers just a bit because I had already used some of this collection and didn't have enough left to create it exactly how they did.  In the end, really minor changes.

This collection is also Echo Park, Everday Eclectic.  I initially was not excited about this one, thinking the subdued colors would never work for anything that I scrap.  But once I put it together...I like it!


One thing that really helps on this layout and with this paper collection, I think, is inking the edges.  That's what makes the edges look more defined.  I do this to all my papers and photos...sometimes the embellishments, too.  It just looks more me, anyway!


Lynn said...

I love all the photos in the layout. It's beautifully arranged!

Mendi said...

Another great layout! I too think everything looks more finished and pops off the page with some inked edges. ;)

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I am a fan of inked edges too. I get so frustrated when I glue something down without inking it. lol Great layout!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Wow! Love how this one came together, looks great with your photos! I also ink my edges, definitely a must on any layout!