Playground Friends

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Due to other demands, many of the layouts I have started at crops have not been completed in a very timely manner.  They have sat in a stack in various stages of "doneness"---most needing some journaling.  Recently I found some time to get a few of these done and they are now ready to share!

This page shows Andrew and his buddy William doing what kids love at this age---swinging!  At least both of my boys did!  Usually a trip to the playground did not necessarily mean lots of exercise for the kids...but rather exercise for the mom who has to push the swing for what seemed like hours on end.  Seriously!  My kids cried when I would finally have to tear them out of the swing to go home!  In their defense though...I also love the swings...always have...always will :-)

This is Echo Park's Playground collection.  I have actually struggled to use this line due to the fair amount of pink in it (I have boys...I don't really do pink unless it's a page about me).  But I just try to overlook it as I'm creating and I generally end up pretty happy with the results.  Now I barely even notice the pink.

I was borrowing a friend's border punch here so am not sure what the name or brand is.  I wanted to create the decorative border all the way around so did some trial and error with the corners until I was satisfied with the look.  It's not perfect...but that's OK.  The stitch lines are hand drawn.  Edges of patterned papers are inked---would you expect anything different? ;-)

This layout really stays true to my style---clean and simple.  I like it.  It makes me happy.  I' have another layout (or two!) to share tomorrow!


Beth Hallgren said...

Love it Steffanie! The border punch is perfect and the different sized photos and how the title overlaps them :)

Mendi said...

So cute! If it helps, I wouldn't ever have noticed the pink. ;)

Erin Blegen said...

Adorable!!!! I love the design of this one- lots of photos and just the perfect amount of paper :)~