O Holy Night

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I saw this post last year and have had it on my to-do list ever since. I also received vinyl for my Silhouette last Christmas and had not broke it open until now. Interestingly, as much as I wanted this project for my own Christmas decor, I chose to give it away. I met a wonderful group of ladies this past summer that I have "known" via the internet for some time. We decided to exchange names and do Secret Santa. So the lovely recipient of my first vinyl creation is Heidi. It was my pleasure to give this to her. I hope she likes it as much as I do!
I really need to make another one...to keep this time!


GLOANN said...

Steffi, that is just beautiful. Hope Heidi enjoys it, but I know she will. I have wanted my hubby to cut me a scene like this of wood, paint it white and then have it in my yard with spotlights trained on it.

blsd2scrp said...

this is truly beautiful! merry Christmas!

Tulip Scrapper said...

Steff, this is a truly beautiful gift, and I know Heidi will treasure it. You did an excellent job on this piece!

Beth Hallgren said...

Why didn't I do Secret Santa?! So pretty!