Summer Highlights

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Once again summer has flown by faster than I could record it. But here are a few of the more memorable moments:

Andrew learned how to swing himself ---finally! After learning this new skill, he would go outside and swing for what seemed like hours...just so happy to be moving back and forth on his own. No more "mom, can you push me?" I'm so proud of him...but a part of me knows that's one more thing he'll no longer need me for :-(
We set up the trampoline. The boys got this from Santa last Christmas and we had been waiting for decent weather to set it up. Well, we got tired of waiting for decent weather and now wonder why we ever waited so long. They love this thing! And it's such great exercise for them. The perfect break from the hours of video games they play. they have been trying and perfecting new moves, getting sore muscles and bruises, and laughing so hard that I sometimes think they are crying! Andrew actually landed his front flip for the first time the other night and he was so excited. He told me that night "when I landed that front flip, there was so much happiness in my body. I don't think I have ever felt like that before". cool. Nicholas has been working on some really cool stunts, too.In addition to a front flip, he can also land a knee-front flip! They get so excited and want to show you every new thing they learn. I keep getting asked when I'm going to start playing on it...
OK, so I may not have jumped on it but I have slept on it---twice! Once in July when their was still a lot of moisture in the air. The boys and I woke up to very damp pillows and blankets. And my hair took quite the walk on the wild side. I so love humidity (not). The second time was just a few nights ago. Much less humidity. Much more pleasant overall. Not as cold. Note to self: wait until late in the summer to spend the night on the trampoline.
I participated in the Go Girl Trail Run. The details can be found in this post. I have to say that I'm becoming quite a fan of trail running!

Mid July we camped at South Beach State Park, just south of Newport. This was a second annual event planned with a bunch of ladies from my church. Our family was 1 of 5 to stay in a yurt, everyone else was in tents. We are not huge campers so this is perfect for us. We had electricity (for the coffee maker), heat at night (which you need when you stay at the Oregon coast) and a structure that isn't soaked from the night dew by morning. Yes, cabins and yurts for me, please. We had decent weather in that there was only fog the last morning and blue skies the rest of the time. Only downfall was the wind. It was so windy, especially on the you were being sandblasted. But it didn't stop the boys from stripping down to shorts and playing in the frigid waves of the ocean! Oh, to be a kid! I remember doing that, too!
While in Newport we toured the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse---literally a light on top of a house. It's the second oldest standing lighthouse structure on the Oregon coast and was only in service from 1871-1874. The locals like to say it has a ghost...but apparently that's just a story...or is it?
Mid August we spent some time in Seaside and my friend's beach house. Weather was decent...shorts and T-shirt weather for the most part. Nicholas and Andrew managed to get completely soaked by the ocean at least once each day that we were there and sand in places unimaginable. Three of the morning I went running. Perfectly glorious to be running on the beach---loved it! Got some interesting shots with the camera on the last day when it was more foggy and (unbeknownst to me) my camera lens didn't open all the way!
The following weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with some of my peeps from Club CK. I have chatted with them daily on the message boards for several months and some even years. Well, what started as just an idea turned into a weekend crop in Wenatchee, WA with 8 of my cyber friends! I met up with Laura (moongirl) who became my awesome traveling companion and roommate. We rented out an intimate (translate, very small) conference room at the hotel we stayed at and had a blast! It was like meeting up with a bunch of friends I had known my whole life but not seen in a long time. We scrapped and ate and laughed til we cried! We played games and won prizes and there were even a few pranks. So much fun! We are already planning next year's event!
Our summer also included swimming at the club pool, berry picking, hiking and evening walks. I love summer. It's my favorite season. Just wish it didn't go by so fast.


csewy said...

Sounds like you and family had a glorious summer!! Love the trampoline story and photos, your boys are really growing!! Have a wonderful time with your dad and aunt on your trip east!!

Beth Hallgren said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun summer! Do you have mosquitoes in Oregon? If I tried to sleep outside, I'd be one big welt :)

Heidi said...

We bought a trampoline during the summer this year and the kids just loved it! I got to be the first one to test it out and to be honest with you, I didn't want to jump off. I think I only did because my legs were getting so sore. I think it's a fantastic way for kids to burn energy! We didn't sleep on it, maybe we will next summer.