Insanely Busy Week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's been a whole week since my last post and there's good reason for that...this past week has been insanely busy! Between work, baseball, a field trip and school projects---I'm exhausted! I somehow managed to schedule myself to work 3 days this week (which I never do), not to mention it was also the week of a staff meeting involving another trip to work on one of my "off" days. That same day in the morning, I went on a zoo field trip with Andrew which was wonderful but tiring. Also, Andrew's baseball team had tournament games this week on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Then there has been the completion of the memory books for Andrew's 1st grade class. This is something I love doing, it's just a lot of work at the end. And before you think I haven't mentioned Nicholas---there was helping him study for his Spanish final, getting him to a car wash fundraiser, buying gift cards for a last minute party he was invited to and transporting him to and from I'm tired reliving it all! Oh! I almost forgot that there was also a trip out to the granite place to make our final selection and decide which tile to go with. We have decided to remodel our master bath and had our tile flooring narrowed down to 3. Taking those samples out and putting them next to the actual granite slab helped make the final decision. Now it's time for demolition!

Here are a couple photos from baseball and the zoo. I also have car wash photos---but they're are still on the camera!

Andrew is standing proudly at first base:
About to cross home plate:
Andrew's favorite thing to do at the zoo is climb...anything and everything! I do have some great photos of animals, but this is pure Andrew!
This next week will hopefully be a little less busy. Although, it is the last week of school---so who knows!

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