Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jim has been testing me lately to check my texting knowledge. We do not currently have texting but have a tween-ager constantly asking for a cell phone so he can text his friends. We have been holding off but know that the time will come eventually when we will have to enter the texting world just so we can understand our own child. Well, thanks to the message board I frequent, I actually know a fair amount of texting lingo. So tonight we were at the dinner table and he says "TME " for "too much effort". We googled it and came up empty. I think my husband may have just coined a new texting abbreviation! What do you think? Will it catch on? If it does, we wil have my dear husband to credit for it! Or maybe he's putting TME into all this texting!

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Tulip Scrapper said...

We caved to the texting beast awhile ago, but our kids are now almost 16 and 19. I can't wait for the day the 19 yoa kid takes ownership of his own phone and payments!